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How much protein post workout for muscle growth

You’ve hit the gym you’ve pumped some iron, you’ve worked hard enough that you’ve created those microscopic tears in your muscle cells that are going to help your muscle cells grow back bigger and stronger. You’ve created the perfect environment for muscle growth It’s time to sit back, slap yourself on the back and congratulate […]

The Sunday Cook Up

During this lesson you will learn to cook a full Sunday roast and recipes for 3 other roasts, prepare some of your early morning routine, learn how to make healing Tom yum soup and prepare some of your evening meals – all in around 2 hours. Equipment wise you’ll need; 3 baking trays Normal pots […]

Sports nutrition for professional athletes – What you can learn

An extra pound of body fat can make the difference in making a try saving tackle in the corner or conceding a last gasp try. Excess fat slows everyone down. When I ‘m working with professional rugby players I regularly monitor their body composition.  What we look at when measuring the players is their body […]